I am Ilariya Aristarkhova. I came to this incredible New Zealand from Russia. My main target was to improve my knowledge in English in all aspects of language: speaking, listening, writing and reading. I graduated the University in Russia in English major. But when you learn another language and don not communicate with native speakers, you study you will never understand it because for you, it will be like a dead language. Feeling a language alive is very important.
I found WIE via internet, I sent them an application with the wonder of what would be like here. I came here for four months and it was the best time in my life. I have met here a lot of wonderful people, the school staff is very kind at the school. They always help you and always listen to you what is important when you are alone somewhere far away from you own home and family. At school we were like a big family. What I really liked was that when you met people here and don not know them, it does not really matter, you will just simply say ¡°hello¡± friendly. What is about the teachers at WIE, they know their jobs very well. Lessons are interesting and you know more and learn more useful knowledge every day. Every teacher has their individual way of teaching. During the lesson, everyone was working. We had a lot of individual work, working in pairs and also we worked in groups. The teachers knew students¡¯ level and knew how to work on what are good at and improve weaknesses in English. They worked individually with you and also with the whole class.
I have studied at WIE three and a half months so far and I can say that I have achieved good results in English. Now I do not have any difficulties to read articles quickly and understand them after the first time which is much better than it was when I first came to NZ. I can write an essay or composition about any topics and it does not take me much time. I definitely have improved my listening and speaking skills because you have to use English to communicate with people everyday.
For me, every day was special and unique. Every teacher has something interesting for us. The most remarkable things are the teachers¡¯ ways to teach us, the atmosphere at school between people and outdoor activities and Christmas party.
In several days, I will return to my country but I will never forget these four fantastic months. I will never forget my friends who I have met here. When I tell my friends and family about how I studied English in New Zealand, I will tell them that they should come and study English at WIE to improve their English because they will not only just see New Zealand, but they also can increase their level of knowledge very much. At WIE< you will have a great opportunity to get your goals in English.
Thank you WIE, I will never forget you!