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3. English Language Proficiency
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4. Course Details
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General English   Business English OET Preparation  High School Preparation
IELTS Preparation  IELTS Foundation  Online IELTS Preparation 
TOEIC Preparation   English for Working Holiday
English for Health Online Course  English Studies for Nursing Registration (ESNR) 
General English   Business English   High School Preparation
IELTS Preparation  IELTS Foundation  Online IELTS Preparation 
OET Preparation  TOEIC Preparation 
English for Nursing English for Working Holiday (must be on working holiday visa)
 Course Time*
     Full Time   Morning part-time Afternoon part-time  Evening part-time
     (All courses are minimum enrolment of 2 weeks)
     Full Time    (Minimum enrolment of 12 weeks)  
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5. Accommodation & Airport Pick-up
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One Way Return
6. Insurance
All International students are required to have medical/travel insurance.
 Please organise it for me
I will arrange it myself and provide proof of insurance  /  I am a domestic student
7. Declaration and Signature
1. I declare that the information set out in this application is correct and complete and I have not withheld any information.
2. I will observe the regulations and rules of conduct while studying at Waikato Institute of Education.
3. I have read and understood the Institute's Tuition Fees Refund and Withdrawal Policy.
4. I understand that any personal information provided to the institute and my academic performance may be made available to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or to other government or Ministry of Education Agencies.
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