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High School Preparation Programme

Pathway to New Zealand High School Study

Overseas High School students intending to study at New Zealand High Schools would need a good level of English. Direct enrolment into New Zealand High School is possible but it is recommended that students improve their English and learn about New Zealand before attempting to study at the High Schools.

The WIE High School Preparation Programme prepares international students for enrolment at High School in New Zealand .

  • Full-time 25 hours per week

  • 9.00 am - 3.00 pm everyday
    Minimum age of students is 14

  • Regular progress reports prepared for parents and prospective High Schools

  • Course content includes NZ culture, specialised High School English, Research and report writing skills.

Enrolment: Most Mondays

Length: 6 - 46 weeks (we recommend a minimum of 12 weeks)


  • To raise the level of the students' standard of English to that required for success in a New Zealand High School .

  • To prepare students for study in a New Zealand High School

  • To assist students to communicate more effectively in a variety of settings

  • To assist students to adapt to the expectations and culture of NZ High Schools and the NZ curriculum

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By enrolling on Waikato Institute of Education’s High School Preparation programme, students can improve their English and learn about New Zealand school culture, study systems or methods, exams and further tertiary education available in New Zealand. After completing Waikato Institute of Education’s programme, students will be better prepared to study in a New Zealand High School and continue their progress towards a tertiary education at a university, polytechnic or other tertiary education institute.

WIE High School Preparation Timetable
The WIE High School Preparation programme is designed for students who will attend high school in New Zealand. The class will be student-oriented and communicative tasked based.

  • The morning class will develop students’ grammar, reading and writing skills to high school standards. It will cover general and specific vocabulary needed for a variety of subjects.

  • The afternoon class will practice the oral, listening and study skills required for high school.

  • On Friday afternoon, students will learn how to adapt to a New Zealand learning environment through individual and group assignments.

  • Free pronunciation class every Thursday after 3pm.

Please see the sample timetable below:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 – 10:30 Topic starter
Grammar consolidation
Grammar consolidation
• Classroom situational speaking activity
Topic-based listening and speaking Topic-based reading and speaking Vocabulary expansion and functional speaking tasks
10:30 – 10:50 Break
10:50 – 11:50 Grammar drills
Structured topic-related speaking task
Grammar drills
Topic specific vocabulary building
Topic-specific vocabulary building Vocabulary expansion
Topic-based discussion
Everyday English
Group speaking task 11
1:50 – 12:00 Assembly
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:00 Topic starter
Structured speaking task: information exchange
Preparation for speaking task: presentation Preparation for speaking task: presentation Academic English vocabulary building High High school classroom skills: expressing opinions, critical thinking
14:00 – 14:10 Break
  cademic English vocabulary building Structured speaking task: presentation Structured speaking task: presentation Pronunciation High school classroom skills: expressing opinions, critical thinking
15:10 – 16:00 WIE After Class English Activities (Optional) Study Activities
Study Activities
(Learn new culture and have new experiences)
(Enjoy the fresh air and sun with your friends!)
English Corner
(Improve your speaking by playing fun games)
Pronunciation Class / Cambridge Pre-test
IELTS Mock Test
Social Club
(Make new friends and improve your communication skills )

WIE has Free English Activities every afternoon after 3pm. All activities are optional, but we do encourage all students to participate so they have extra opportunities to practice their English at WIE.

  • Study Activities and Social Club can help students learn English in authentic environments.

  • Students will benefit from the Tuesday Activities as students play in groups of multiple different L1 background.

  • English Corner will improve students speaking skills by playing fun games.

  • If students preparing IELTS test WIE has Cambridge pre-test and mock test to help students’ exam skills.

Study Activities

Students can join WIE study activities every Monday. They may visit Hamilton city council and meet our mayor or they may visit Hamilton Museum and learn about Maori Culture. Waikato University is one of the popular destinations. Sometimes New Zealand policemen will visit us at our campus and tell our students about safety in New Zealand. If you are lucky you can meet rugby players from the famous local Rugby teams, the Chiefs. There are so many more activities. Come and join us every Monday!


New Zealand is famous for fresh air, blue sky and great outdoor activities. All Students are welcome to join WIE Tuesday activities with their friends. They will play soccer, cricket and badminton, visit Hamilton gardens and Hamilton lake. Sometimes students will have Billiards or Ping Pong competitions. Students play in groups with their friends from different countries. Not only do students learn about team works but also improve their communication skills with students from multiple different L1 backgrounds.

English Corner

There are no students who don’t want to learn English by playing fun games. WIE provides great opportunities for our students to improve their English every Wednesday in English Corner. Students will play Pictionary and Jenga, Headbanz, Concept, Duck, Duck Goose, Music Chair and any fun game you can think of. All games are designed especially for students learning English.

Cambridge Pre-test

WIE has been one of the Cambridge Pre-test Centres since 2014. WIE receives test papers from Cambridge Assessment, administrates the tests and returns the test papers back to Cambridge Assessment. Pre-tests give students the opportunity to practise taking a Cambridge English exam using genuine questions under exam conditions. Pre-test also helps students know which areas they need most practice in and gives them experience and confidence in taking tests. There are only limited spaces for WIE pre-tests. Make sure you book your spot in advance.

IELTS Mock Test
WIE also has IELTS Mock Tests every Thursday. Mock tests give students additional practice for preparing for the IELTS exam. Teachers answer students’ questions and give students suggestions on how to improve their exam skills. Mock tests are also a great way to test students’ English level and help them to use more suitable materials to prepare for the exam.

Social Club

WIE runs Social Club every Friday which helps students’ speaking in authentic environments. Students may go to local cafés and try different types of coffee. Students may also go to local restaurants and try their special drinks and food. There are also many snack bars around Hamilton, students love the unique environments and sharing their experiences with their friends.

Pronunciation Class

High School in Waikato, New Zealand:

This service is free.
Students who enroll in our High School Preparation programme can enter one of the High Schools, provided they fulfill the school’s entry requirements, and then proceed to the University or Polytechnics. We provide free service to help students enrol at a New Zealand High School after they finish High School Preparation Course.

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