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CAE Exam Preparation Course Special Offer

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This programme will prepare students for the University of Cambridge ESOL CAE Exam. With expert teachers who are well qualified with many years of experience in teaching English and preparing students for a variety of English exams, this course is sure to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE) is a high level qualification specifically focused on the context of both demanding academic and professional settings. Students will learn advanced language skills in order to prepare them for higher level study at University or a professional employment environment.

Why take the Exam?

International Standard.
The Cambridge English: Advanced Exam applies real life situations in both professional and academic contexts of English use at an advanced level of language command. The Cambridge English CAE certificate is recognised world wide as a sought after English qualification.

Cambridge English: CAE is available internationally at over 1300 centres in 133 countries with many different exam test dates to choose from per year. With both paper and computer based exam options, you can choose when, where and how to take your exam.


Fast Results
Get your result
s in just two weeks with the computer based exams


Globally Accepted
The certificate is accepted by thousands of employers, universities and government departments around the world. It is accepted by thousands of industrial, administrative and service – based employers as a qualification in English at an advanced level. It is also accepted by a wide range of educational institutions for study purposes.

Our intensive course will fully prepare students for the exam by concentrating on developing the following skills at an advanced level in preparation for the Cambridge English: Advanced Exam:

Reading: Students are taught to read a variety of different texts with understanding including letters, reports proposals, essays and other articles.

Writing: Students will learn a variety of advanced writing skills. Letters, reports,
essays, information sheets and competition entries are among the writing topics covered.

Listening: Listening skills are improved and students are taught to listen to a wide variety of material with understanding. The materials covered include news announcements, speeches, formal dialogues, anecdotes, stories and announcements.

Speaking: Students will learn to improve their verbal communication skills and describe a variety of subjects, take part in dialogues, provide information in a formal interview context; give an extended talk on a given topic; and take part in a formal discussion.

Additional skills covered include:
• General use of English covering word formation and key word transformation among other areas
• Grammar: Cover the main body of English language rules required to operate at an advanced level and be successful in the exam.
• Vocabulary Topics: Develop vocabulary connected with the most common CAE topics, such as Entertainment, Technology, Body and health, Employment, Crime and punishment, Holidays and travel, Numbers and money.

The full-time course also includes General English Classes that Complement the CAE class

Placement and Assessment
Students will be given a comprehensive written and oral placement test on their first day to find the most suitable class for them. Assessment is continuous throughout the course. Students are tested every 6 weeks and receive feedback from teachers.

Expected outcomes for students
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to use English with enhanced confidence and should be well prepared for the CAE examination.

Preparation Course Dates 2017       

  • 18 September 2016 (10 weeks)

Each of the written papers is returned to Cambridge for marking and assessment.


The speaking assessment is conducted by two locally based examiners with who examine candidates face to face. All examiners are accredited by Cambridge.


WIE is an Authorised CAE Examination Centre. Students who complete the CAE course can sit the exam at our campus in Hamilton after the course finishes.


We also welcome non-WIE students to register for the exams.


Examination Dates 2017 in WIE


Entry Closing Date Exam Date
Fri 10 Feb 17 Fri 10 Mar 17
Fri 10 Mar 17 Sat 8 Apr 17
Fri 14 Apr 17 Sat 13 May 17
Fri 5 May 17 Tue 6 Jun 17
Fri 30 Jun 17 Thu 27 Jul 17
Fri 28 Jul 17 Thu 24 Aug 17
Fri 8 Sep 17 Sat 7 Oct 17
Fri 27 Oct 17 Tue 28 Nov 17
Fri 3 Nov 17 Sat 9 Dec 17

Preparation Course  Information (pdf)

Course Fee Information 

Special Offer for Cambridge Exam Preparation Course

Course Price:    Tuition fee $2900 for 10 weeks (normally at $3900 for 10 weeks)
Enrolment fee: $180
Resource fee: $120

* special offers occur regularly, please Contact us  for detail


Please contact info@wie.ac.nz to register.




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